The Toddler Years and beyond...

An education and support  group for parents of children ages 1-5

There is so much information out there for parents...  So many theories and techniques and, though many are contradictory, they are all touted as being the ONLY right way to raise our kids.  Then every friend and family member has more advice to offer.  Some sound like great ideas, but don't work with your child.  Other techniques just feel wrong but we feel like wimps for not wanting to try.  Sometimes we don't even want advice.  We just want to know that our child's behavior is normal and part of a phase that will pass.  Or that we are handling things fine, but sometimes parenting little ones is hard.  Sometimes we want answers and other times we want support. 

Some Group Topics Include:

  • Power struggles

  • Setting limits

  • Taming tantrums

  • Normal toddler development

  • Sibling issues

  • The parent-child relationship

I have taught parenting classes and I have noticed three things that parents seem to want more than lectures and theories:

  1. Parents have questions! You are dealing every day with behaviors and struggles with your children that you want to solve. You need specific answers and helpful solutions that will make a difference now.

  2. Parents want to share their stories in a safe environment with others who understand. You want people to laugh with you at stories of complete parenting disasters, not frown in judgment. You want to hear from other parents that their kid did the same thing, and everything turned out fine.

  3. Parents need reassurance that they are doing okay. You are doing the best you can and sometimes it helps to hear that you are a good mom or dad, despite how much you may feel like a failure sometimes.

Group information:

  • The Toddler Years and Beyond is a monthly, open support group for parents of small children.

  • Fee is $30 per session.

  • Group will be held from 10:30-noon on the second Saturday of every month.

  • On-site babysitters can be reserved in advance to supervise your little ones for an additional fee.

  • Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so please contact me today to hold your spot.

About the facilitator:

I have been working with young families in different capacities for the past 20 years: as a nurse, a therapist and a parenting educator and coach.  I am certified as a Peaceful Parenting coach through Dr. Laura Markham of Aha!  While my professional experience is valuable and important, I am also the mother of four, including two toddlers.  It is my daily experience parenting my kids that gives me a deeper understanding of the specific struggles parents of toddlers face.

Contact me today to reserve your spot.