Not "glowing" the way you think you should?

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for many reasons. 

  • The physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy can send you spiraling into depression, anxiety or both.
  • There may be concerns about work, housing, and relationships that need to be worked out before baby comes.
  • Sometimes it is the pregnancy itself, whether it is high-risk, poorly timed or causing concerns about the health of the child, that is causing stress and worry.

Whatever is making this pregnancy difficult, therapy can help.  You need an opportunity to speak freely about what is on your mind and heart during this time of anticipation.  You need to feel supported and accepted as you navigate this major transition.  You are enduring stress and difficult changes while feeling pressure to be excited and happy.

Issues with postpartum depression and anxiety usually start in pregnancy.  Getting treatment during pregnancy when these issues begin can help to prevent or minimize postpartum mood episodes.  I can help you navigate these changes to find peace in the process and trust in yourself.  Contact me today for a free 20 minute phone consultation.