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Infant Temperament

If you have ever compared your baby to another baby around the same age (you know you have!) you may have noticed that all babies are different.  Some babies will sleep through anything, while others will wake if you attempt to open the door to check on them.  Some babies will hang with mom all day running errands just taking in the sights.  Others may freak out the moment they see the carseat.  Have you been wondering why your friend's baby is so much "easier" than yours?  It is not something they are doing right or you are doing wrong. It's called temperament.  And we all have one.  It is an important part of who we are as humans.  It dictates our preferences, our attitudes, our personality.  And it is present more or less at birth.  This week we will discuss temperament, both your babies and yours.  You may find more understanding for what makes your baby tick.

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