Parenting is hard.


It is arguably one of the hardest things you will ever do.  Raising children challenges every bit of who you are; your best assets seem inadequate and your short-comings are amplified.  While all parenting takes infinite patience and energy, there are times when parenting becomes especially challenging and your family may benefit from outside help.

I bring a variety of professional experience and training to my work with parents and families. But most importantly, I am a parent myself. I am well aware that the parent-child bond is intense, complicated and immensely important in both of your lives.  Repairing and maintaining that relationship is my priority when counseling parents and their children.

Parent Coaching

Maybe your parenting challenges don't require intensive therapy. If you are looking for some help with common behavior issues or navigating a difficult developmental phase, parent coaching maybe right for you. I have been trained and certified through Dr. Laura Markham of Aha! as a Peaceful Parenting Coach. I can provide online or telephone coaching to answer your parenting questions and provide useful tools to change the way you relate to your child.

I work with all kinds of families: step-families, unmarried partners, adoptive families, single parents, gay and lesbian parents as well as traditional families. Therapy can be especially useful for families struggling with the following issues:


Adoption can bring an unanticipated element of stress to your family.  From the beginning of the adoption process, there are many hurdles and obstacles along the way.  When the waiting is over and your child is finally placed in your home, you may think now you can relax, but the intense emotional work of parenting has just begun.  In addition to legal and parenting difficulties, many adopted children have a history of trauma.  These kids require extra care and understanding.  Traditional parenting techniques can actually intensify some behavior issues. I am an adoptive parent myself and have completed the Training for Adoption Competence.  I can help you find a deeper level of understanding and connection with your children.

Single parents

The only thing more challenging than parenting is doing it by yourself.  Single parents feel pressure to be everything for their children and have very little time to balance their stressful lives and care for themselves.  Being a single parent presents a unique set of challenges that parents with partners may not relate to.  Individual therapy can offer time to process difficult issues and manage the ongoing stress of parenthood. 

Blended families

One of the most complicated parenting issues is blending families.  Whether you are a single parent getting married for the first time, creating a step-family, or incorporating a new baby into a family with half siblings, there are so many relationships at stake. The relationship between you and your children, you and your partner, you and your partner's children... every combination brings a separate set of challenges and adjustments.  Seeing a therapist can help soften these difficult transitions and ensure everyone involved feels important and heard.

Counseling Children

While I do see children, I believe the relationship between parents and children is extremely important, especially if the child is struggling.  For this reason, it is my preference (and probably your child's as well) to work either with the parents alone or the parent and child together.  When you call for a free telephone consultation, we can discuss what will work best for your child.